We provide a group of the best performing commercial roll up doors and door operators for all types of businesses

LiftMaster Door Operators

Excellent Garage doors provide LiftMaster commercial door operators that meet the needs of commercial applications with quick opens times, long lifespan, reliable operation, and connectivity to analytics-driven myQ Facility software.

Suggested light-duty Commercial Opener: ATSW

Light-Duty Commercial/Residential Door Operator

  • Built-in Wi-Fi enables access to myQ®
  • Built-in Bluetooth for easier connection to building’s Wi-Fi network
  • Dual-rated for residential and commercial doors; tested and approved for commercial duty cycle requirements.
  • Ceiling mount for standard lift sectional doors
  • Ideal for pole barns and similar structures for storage and manufacturing.

Suggested Medium-Duty Commercial Opener: MH

Medium-Duty Hoist Operator

  • For use on smaller, lighter commercial doors with mid-range duty cycle requirements.
  • Rated duty cycle: Maximum 12 cycles per hour; Less than 50 cycles per day.
  • Wall mount for high or vertical lift sectional doors or small rolling doors and grilles.
  • Chain hoist with electric interlock for manual operation in an emergency.

Suggested Industrial Commercial Opener: DJ

Door Lock Jackshaft Operator – Logic 5.0

  • For shopping malls and cafeterias. Includes floor-level chain hoist for manual lifting of smaller/lighter doors/grilles.
  • Rated duty cycle: 25 per hour; Up to 90 cycles per day.
  • Internal doorlock sensor prevents damage by restricting door activation while door is locked.
  • Wall or hood mounts for rolling doors/grilles and sectional overhead doors with vertical high lift.

Janus Doors Suggested Models

We also install commercial garage doors by Janus International, we make sure to get what will be the best fitting and longest lasting doors for your business and storage soace. We suggest the following models:

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 3100

The Janus International 3100 series is our certified wind load rated model that has been manufactured to withstand strong wind forces. Independent laboratory testing has verified that the Model 3100 steel roll up door meets stringent building codes, while the included one year warranty ensures its quality. Specific features and dimensions of the 3100 model are as follows:

  • Designed to meet stringent building codes in coastal regions
  • Utilizes 12” drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 20’ wide x 14’ high (280 sq.ft.)
  • Push-up, hand chain and electric operations
  • PSF Ratings:
    • +35 PSF and -41 PSF for opening widths through 12’
    • +35 PSF and -38 PSF for opening widths over 12’ through 16’

Commercial Roll Up Door Model 3652

The Janus Model 3652 series door is built to perform in some of the most adverse weather conditions. Manufactured to withstand strong wind forces, the Model 3652 meets stringent Florida building codes and will last for years with virtually no maintenance. Quick installation and easy operation makes the door user friendly, while Super Durable polyester paint makes each door look stunning. View all of the door’s features and measurements below:

  • Designed and tested to meet wind load requirements of the International Building Code and Florida Building Code (FL21450)
  • Utilizes 12” drum wheel
  • Maximum opening size of 18’ wide x 14 ’ high (252 sq.ft.)
  • Push-up, hand chain and electric operations
  • PSF Ratings:
    •     +36 PSF and -40 PSF for opening widths of 12’
    •     Ratings vary for other opening widths; consult factory

Rytec Doors

We also install Rytec’s high performance sliding doors are great for cold storage applications when a durable, tight seal is required. The Turbo-Slide high speed door allow full-height overhead access quickly – with opening speeds up to 125 inches per second. When dependability, energy conservation, compliance and speed are a necessity, go with a Rytec high speed folding/sliding door or insulated high speed roll up door.

High-Performance Fabric Doors

The primary challenges for high cycle openings is control — controlling temperatures, controlling the flow of traffic and controlling costs. Often this requires different doors for different locations, environments and operating conditions. With doors engineered for a wide range of applications — from large exterior openings to pharmaceutical/clean room environments — Rytec has a high-speed fabric door to meet even the most rigorous demands.

High Performance Sliding Door

High-performance industrial sliding doors allow access to the full height of the door opening almost instantly. With high-speed operation and horizontal door movement, even high-mast forklifts have extremely fast access through the opening. Using durable and impact-resistant materials, our door panels are built to last while ensuring and maintaining a tight seal.

High-Performance Rigid Rolling Doors

With unrivaled speed, sleek appearance and ultra-quiet operation, the Spiral® industrial rolling door instantly captures attention. The extraordinary, patented Spiral® technology is unique and exclusive to Rytec, and has forever changed the door industry. It’s no surprise that others attempt to copy its world-class design as a market leader in commercial rolling doors – from auto dealerships and parking to emergency response and self-storage applications.







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